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  • Full Custom Music Repair Logo

    Full Custom Music Repair

    400 Market Street (Rear), Lemoyne, PA 17043
    717.761.0890 || fullcustommusic.com

  • Billy Wray Music Shop Logo

    Billy Wray Music Shop

    10 Skyport Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17057
    717.610.0048 || billywraymusicshop.com

  • Cheap Ass Music Store

    Sounds Cheap Music

    1004 Industrial Drive, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
    816.987.2030 || www.soundscheapmusic.com

  • Music Store that got me in trouble with Fulltone

    Prymaxe Vintage

    56 North Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027
    1.855.779.6293 || prymaxevintage.com

  • These guys hung it up

    Noteworthy Music

    52 York Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

  • Recording Store, Burlington Audio

    Recording Store

    106 Mott Street, Oceanside, NY 11572
    516.678.4414 || recordingstore.com

Products What we offer

Hand built | Designed with the musician in mind.

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Since 2010, musicians have enjoyed the great tone of Narwhal-Industries. To consistently deliver our great tone, we carefully select only highquality electronic components and original designs to bring you unprecedented quality, full-bodied tone and feel. We will soon be offering a full line of boutique effects including fuzz, overdrive, boost and modulation. Reward yourself today with the quality tone and feel of Narwhal-Industries, a musician owned and operated boutique effects builder.


The Kraken! Guarantied the best sea monster themed overdrive pedal you have ever heard. Forget 11, our gain control goes from calm seas to the full fury of Poseidon. Whether you need a bit of clean boost, blues overdrive or something a heavier sounding, The Kraken has you covered. The Kraken has a very amp-like feel and uncompressed attack, thanks to the use of an all Class-A Discrete Transistor design. Unlike diode clipping, it will not mask the sound of your amp with false compression. But wait! Th i re's more! The on-board professional grade active EQ allows you to personally tailor the tone to your taste. Also our switchable bypass system includes an optional buffer or true bypass.

The Barnacle combines the sound of several 1960s and 1970s era fuzz pedals into a single, modern and useful package. We wanted that classic Germanium tone without the hassle of temperature instability and limited frequency response. We accomplished this with modern high quality components and an all Class-A Discrete Transistor design. The Barnacle is proof the High-Fidelity and Fuzz can exist without contradiction. Finally a fuzz without compromise. But wait! There's more! The on-board professional grade active EQ allows you to personally tailor the tone to your taste. Also our switchable bypass system includes an optional buffer or true bypass.

Boost pedal coming soon!


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Testimonals What people are saying

Hand built | Designed with the musician in mind.

Finally picked one up from Billy Wray on Saturday. Nice pedal! First impressions - I am leaning towards this as a "leave it always on" pedal, not a "bring in the fuzz for an effect" type of pedal. It sounds like a hybrid of fuzz plus distortion, with some overdrive slathered on. It has the girth of a fuzz, the sizzle of a distortion, and the warmth of an overdrive, at least within the confines of my rig. Pretty unique there, as it is more of a sound than an effect.

Leave it always on.- Dave, Pennsylvania

This thing is really fantastic. The Bass and Treble knobs are just phenomenal - I have gotten a huge range of sounds, which is especially useful because this doubles for my bass and guitar rig.

On guitar I will usually use either a high Fuzz, mid-volume mid-bass and moderately-high Treble setting for a big-muff esque vibe, or flat across the board with low fuzz for a bit of dirt.

On bass I love either the first setting with the bass high and the treble down or flat across, low fuzz and high bass for a very "blown speaker" vibe.

My only other note with sound is that the pedal is beautifully quiet when active with no input. On my old big muff I would only turn it on if I was playing lest I get bombarded with noise - I can turn this on (high gain, high volume) and my signal is almost silent until I start playing.

Huge range of sounds.- Jon, Florida

It is an amazing pedal! I kinda knew I would get a really versatile fuzz, but I am still stunned that it also performs very, very well as a boost. I love what it does in the high mids, probably the most crucial area for guitar in a mix, it has that bite and roughness with character that can be smoothed out if desired. I had dirt pedals with 2 or even 3 bands of eq before, but none of those responded to eq tweaking like the Barnacle does. You sure found the right frequencies, Q and amounts of boost/cut. The taper of the pots is just right, I cannot get a bad sound out of it. Thanks so much for all the work you must have put into this! I probably repeat myself, but there are low gain settings that just let the amp sing and breathe without sounding obviously "fuzzed". I got this amazing breaking up clean tone and thought "well, that's the amp, the pedal cannot be doing that much". I switched off the Barnacle and the tone was flat, not bad but "meh". I switched the Barnacle back on and there it was again, not that much more breakup, but everything was tighter, more focussed while being more pleasant. And then there's the high gain grind :).

An amazing pedal!- Don, Germany
Pedals on Pedal Board

I love the Barnacle, use it all the time, though the Kraken is still my favorite.

Use it all the time.- Alex, Pennsylvania

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Narwhal Industries

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